Our Project Plan

It’s all about placing

Every project runs the risk of “scope creep” – the unplanned expansion of activities to address something else. We’re doing our best to stay on plan yet recognize an old hull is like an old house – there will be surprises.

We are delighted to have Ed Joy supporting us with excellent ideas and careful calculations.

Ed can be reached at: www.edjoydesign.com

A sailor since childhood, Ed has enjoyed a twenty-five year career that has taken him to many interesting corners of the yacht industry. After graduating from Georgia Tech, he held design positions at prestigious companies such as Windship, Sparcraft, Palmer Johnson and Intermarine, which led to an 11 year run as senior sailing yacht designer at Chuck Paine Yacht Design.

Upon Chuck Paine’s retirement, Ed Joy Design was established to continue creating the graceful, seaworthy and innovative yachts that have made the Paine office famous for three decades. Ed’s experience has given him an understanding of the overall broad scope of a project as well the details that make a yacht a pleasure to own rather than an endless maintenance headache.