Our Journey’s

Now you see it, now you don’t-Sailing in fog!

Even the shortest motor to a new harbor can become a harrowing experience when thick folds of fog blanket the water. Visibility is limited to the bow and the cool mist condenses on your face and clothes as if you were standing in a downpour. Sound travels clearly in...

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Shakedown Cruises in Casco Bay

Casco Bay is a perfect cruising ground to shake down a new boat. There's rocky ledge, 7 foot tides, lobster boys littering your path, and occasional fog. Adding to our thrills, NOAA forecasts seem to under predict wave heights and wind speeds. Our first venture past...

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Narnia is Launched!

Over the last six years, Narnia has undergone a transformation from a dirty partially completed hull in California to a stunning, fully outfitted for blue water sailing sailboat on the coast of Maine. Well almost! As with any maiden voyage, system issues and...

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