Welcome to the Voyages of Narnia – Our retirement home

Narnia splashes down!

Rebuilding the Alajuela 38 into Narnia was amazing journey. She set sail on June 3rd, 2016 and sailed beautifully; she pointed well, her manners are graceful and her helm is extremely well-balanced.


Our first sail boat, the Enduring started it all.

airial voyager pic

It all started with Enduring

Enduring was our prior boat. She was a Voyager 26 Mark II and a 26′ (LOD) double-ender. We really enjoyed her for coastal sailing (3.5 draft) but crossing oceans or living aboard her for years were not good ideas. She has, however, an ideal layout that we are incorporating into our plan for Narnia with a v-berth forward of the salon and the head and galley aft by the entry.

The Alajuela 38

The Alajuela 38 will become Narnia, our retirement home. Known as one of The Best Boats (per Ferenc Mate), we chose the Alajuela 38 due to her beautiful lines (we’re partial to double-enders), seaworthy design, split sail rig, and ability to carry us as far as our abilities and desires care to go.

Building from a hull fit our need to make it ours – to eliminate the standard, maximum berth configuration and focus on the most livable configuration for two people at sea for an extended period of time. Our goal is to spend 10 years circumnavigating and comfort is not optional!

The Transformation and Our Progress

From dream to reality,on this site you will find the plan, progress, and transformation of the Alajuela. View how the sections and systems were transformed on “The Transformation” page, or view a timeline of our progress in “Our Progress.”

The Project Plan

First we had to come up with a plan.

Narnia sketch layout - initial


First things first, let’s get rid of the stuff we don’t want….


January 26, 2016

Here she is, fresh from the painters. We also worked on some portholes!

Narnia Coming Out of Spray Booth (5)

Thank you!

Tanya (left) helped us purchase the hull for Narnia.